Monday, October 24, 2011

What is NaNoWriMo?

NaNoWriMo, short for National Novel Writing month, is an entire month dedicated to writing your very own novel. November begins this month long endeavor and adults around the world participate in this program for the thrill of attempting to write a novel in only one month. But kids can participate in the Young Writer’s Program of NaNoWriMo and also write their own novels, too. For kids the word count is lower than the adult version, but there is still huge satisfaction in setting a goal and acheiving it. For kids who want to sign up and parents who want to know more, go to the following website:

NaNoWriMo's Young Writers Program

Remember, this is a huge opportunity for extra credit in English for 2nd quarter.

If you're interested in doing this, please sign up on the website and then respond to this post with your user name.

Monday, October 10, 2011

"The Goodness of Matt Kaizer" study guide

Test for The Goodness of Matt Kaizer" is Wednesday, October 13th.

Please make sure you know the following:

Know the following characters and whether they're one-dimensional or three-dimensional
Matt Kaizer
Mr. Bataky
Mary Beth
Rev. Kaizer

Who is the narrator of the story?
The nickname Matt's friends gave to him and why.
What type of conflict is "The Goodness of Matt Kaizer" - internal or external?
Fill out a story map for the story