Monday, November 30, 2015

Revising your author bio

Now that you've had time to really consider yourself as a serious writer, it's time to go back and revise those author bios we wrote at the beginning of NaNoWriMo.

Here's what I'll be grading you on:

  • Written in 3rd person (5 points)
  • Follows the typical progression of an author bio: where you live, family info, other books written -- or the fact that it's your first book, possibly even hobbies if you so choose (10 points)
  • Adheres to the conventions of a published piece of writing -- consider capitalization, punctuation, spelling, etc. I will be taking off points if these things are not in place (20 points) 
  • There's a sense that you studied up on the genre of writing author bios and you show a respect for the genre (5 points)  
  • Made some noticeable revisions to original author bio (5 points)
  • Shared your document with at least 2 classmates who commented on your work (5 points)
  • BONUS: Inject some of your own writing voice into the author bio somehow, i.e., find a way to make it more than just plugging in a formula. Try to find a way to make it your own while also adhering to the conventions of the genre. (up to 5 points) 

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